San Jose, June 16, 2021 – Golden Spread Electric Cooperative (GSEC) is a co-op electric utility located in the Texas panhandle. It is made up of 16 member utilities and serves 227,000 member-customers across several states. Though relatively small, GSEC has been steadily growing and continues to center their values of reliability and customer satisfaction – which led them to a partnership with Sun-Net and their new installation of the iTOA Essentials Edition software suite.   


GSEC approached Sun-Net during the development of their new Transmission Operations Control Center, with the goal to build out a robust management system that provides reliable customer support and could expand as the cooperative grows (and while not breaking the bank).   


GSEC opted to fast track the iTOA installation using only the base features with minimal customization. The entire initial implementation took just 3 months! Sun-Net’s solution – centered around iTOA’s request module – proves that you can’t beat the classics. While the flexibility and customizability of the iTOA product are a point of pride, the base request module is extremely powerful. It provided GSEC with crucial transmission operations software infrastructure and a flexible alert system in a user-friendly package, both of which serve to improve operator efficiency.   


In addition to serving scheduling, tracking and logging functions, the GSEC control center acts as a communication hub, connecting the GSEC team with neighboring utilities and ERCOTSPP as well as amongst members. The improved connectivity of the notification system allows operators to respond more quickly to grid abnormalities without sacrificing accuracy or security.  


This project has proven exciting for both companies. On GSEC’s end, by hitting the ground running with iTOA in their new control center, GSEC is set up to integrate this state-of-the-art software suite as a core part of their day-to-day workflow. Additionally, GSEC is well-poised for any system updates in the future, as their workflow continues to develop and expand in complexity. On Sun-Net’s end, the success of this installation represents an exciting affirmation of our core mission – building excellent software to support utility companies with their goals of safety, reliability, and efficiency, regardless of size. Sun-Net team achieved an aggressive delivery timeline with configuration of core features of iTOA Essential Edition. We intend to take what we have learned from this engagement and apply similar principles for future small utility clients.   


Sun-Net is excited about our continued work with Golden Spread Electric Cooperative. We are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this blossoming partnership! 

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    Posted on June 16, 2021