iTOA® Suite

iTOA® (integrated Tools for Operations Application) represents the next generation version of TOA®. iTOA® includes all the functions of TOA® above and is build using HTML5 web platform for new innovative features. It has been engineered for OT-IT (Operations and Information Technology) convergence as well as multi-device/mobile scenarios in the utility industry.

Challenge Utilities Face

We built iTOA to help you not only eliminate these challenges but  help make your staff happier


Multiple Data Sources

You have a logging system, an access database, excel sheets, word documents, everything in different places and nowhere to consolidate.


Incorrectly Entered or Illegible Data

Verifying, retrieving, searching, and emailing back and forth to correct incorrect entries with no single source of reference. 


Archaic In-House Built System

It’s hard to maintain an in-house built software and eventually, when workforce changes, there’s no one to manage the application or it becomes expensive to support it. 


Reinventing the Wheel

Many utilities face the same challenges. With building one’s own system, you don’t learn how efficiencies can be gained and how other utilities are dealing with the same problems.


Manual Entry and Manual Reporting

Time wasted updating multiple data sources, searching for the right data to manually put into Compliance and Management reports. 


Increased Risk of Human Error

It’s hard to get an overview of the work happening and with so many manual entries, it’s easy to miss something.


Lack of Transparency

No system to log into from anywhere, and relying on email and phone to track work to be performed.


Retiring Workforce

Need to streamline processes and workflow as most of the manual processes are kept in people’s heads. Training becomes an issue, and the company is always looking for more efficient methods.

Benefits of iTOA

iTOA streamlines and simplifies your overall System Control processes, reducing redundancy and duplication, saving your company valuable time and money.


Integrated Audit Trail System

Timestamp and date for actions and changes made in the system that’s auditable and easy to find the person who made a change. 


Access iTOA Everywhere

iTOA is a web-enabled application allowing users to access iTOA from any location equipped with network access in a safe and secure manner, across devices.


Reduce Human Error and Double Entry

Automate tasks by having inter-linkage, set submission rules, and have set validations in the system.


Flexible and Fast Reporting and Querying

Fast reporting, querying capabilities, send out reports directly from the system. Automate redundant tasks and set up auto-run reports for metrics and visual dashboards. 


Easy Maintenance and Application Support

Web-based and easy maintenance. We provide long-term support and show you best practices from other utilities and how they manage challenges. Upgrades and adding enhancements is accomplished seamlessly when updates are rolled out. 


System of Record

iTOA, which is integrated to many other systems, become the System of Record and you have one true centralized data repository and view, enabling transparency across the entire organization.

iTOA Core Modules

The leading outage coordination application

Outage Request Scheduling

Optimize processing of submitted requests in control centers using configured task driven workflow.

Switching Order Management and Tagging

Achieve safety and reliability tailored to your switching and tagging rules and processes.

Electronic Logging

Build a compliant system of record by quick log entries and automating real time events through configurable and flexible templates.

Automatic Outage Reporting

Report interruption and disturbance events with causes manually or automatically via integration to historian and SCADA systems.

Event Analysis

Effectively analyze and record outage events with follow up corrective actions, NERC TADS Cause reporting, misoperations reporting, and PRC-004 Compliance.

Reports and Dashboard

Actionable information provided via custom user built queries, ad hoc data exports, summary reports, and graphical dashboards to visualize ongoing transactions and status.

iTOA Features

Web-based Mobility

User-friendly interface accessible from any device anywhere.


Search across historical and real time data with advanced filtering, sorting, and querying functionality.


Access and query millions of transaction records within seconds.


Control access to sensitive data with industry standard secure authentication, data encryption, and role-based authorization.


Visualize information on calendar, gantt chart, timeline, and dashboard views.


Export data in multiple formats and automate distribution of pre-built reports.


Automate and record communication and notifications via email, voice, and text messages.


Integrate with internal and external applications using web service APIs and database exchange.


Flexible configuration for easy long term maintenance of the application.

Product Technical and Operational Support

Sun-Net provides our customers with two levels of Technical and Operational Support:

» Standard Support Package provides support during the normal business hours. Monday – Friday (8 AM to 5 PM CST).

» Premium Support Package is identical to our Standard Support Package with 24/7 coverage.


Our Application iTOA® supports Oracle Database, SQL Server, Linux Server. 

Let’s Do Something Better Together!

We’re here to partner with you long-term and provide years of support to come. Let us know if you have any questions about our product or services. 

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