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iTOA - Integrated Tools for Operation

iTOA Software Suite is the leading platform solution for outage planning and scheduling, switching order management, electronic logging, outage reporting, and more. iTOA is used by utilities of all sizes to improve their work process, gain efficiencies and achieve compliance.

Outage Request Scheduling

Gain efficiencies through task driven workflows and coordination between departments across the entire outage scheduling lifecycle.

Switching Order Management and Tagging

Achieve safety and reliability tailored to your switching and tagging rules and processes.

Electronic Logbook

Build a compliant system of record by quick log entries and automating real time events through configurable and flexible templates.

Paper and word docs are a thing of the past. Increase searchability, accountability and make it easy for operators and field people to log events

Automatic Outage Reporting

Report interruption and disturbance events with causes manually or automatically via integration to historian and SCADA systems.

Event Analysis

Effectively analyze and record outage events with follow up corrective actions, NERC TADS Cause reporting, misoperations reporting, and PRC-004 Compliance.

Centralized Administration

Centralized repository of asset data, personnel qualifications, user roles, application configuration, managed using a user-friendly web-based UI.

Reports and Dashboard

Actionable information provided via custom user built queries, ad hoc data exports, summary reports, and graphical dashboards to visualize ongoing transactions and status.

Why iTOA?

Experience the leading software platform for:

Seamless Coordination

Coordinate work across Transmission, Distribution, Generation, Telecom, and IT Services. Secure collaboration within departments such as Field, Substation, Control Center, System Protection, and Engineering.

Experience and Best Practices

Enjoy the benefits and experience of enhanced product functionality and best practices implemented by more than 60 online customers.

Integrate and Automate

Integrate with other applications to achieve automation of data gathering by reducing data redundancy and data entry errors. 

Consolidate systems

One application solution for a variety of functions in utility grid operations.

Support and Maintenance

Peace of mind and long term support and maintenance of the software.

iTOA Features

Web-based Mobility

User-friendly interface accessible from any device anywhere.


Search across historical and real time data with advanced filtering, sorting, and querying functionality.


Access and query millions of transaction records within seconds.


Control access to sensitive data with industry standard secure authentication, data encryption, and role-based authorization.


Visualize information on calendar, gantt chart, timeline, and dashboard views.


Export data in multiple formats and automate distribution of pre-built reports.


Automate and record communication and notifications via email, voice, and text messages.


Integrate with internal and external applications using web service APIs and database exchange.


Flexible configuration for easy long term maintenance of the application.

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See what our customers are saying about us

“This system streamlines and simplifies the (outage scheduling) process making the entire coordination much more efficient.”
Derek Olson, Regional Control (Central)

NGUSA New York Distribution department

“TOA® improves our business.”
Jim Fee, Supervisor, Power System Operations

Sacramento Municipal Utility Distrcit

“TOA is just what Chugach needed”
David Smith, Director, Information System

Chugach Electric

Over 80 control centers in more than 70 utility companies across North America use TOA®/iTOA®

Sun-Net is proud of the fact that TOA® suite is an indispensable software tool for users in large Fortune 500 companies such as Duke Energy, American Electric Power, FirstEnergy as well as smaller utilities such as Chelan Public Utility, Colorado Springs City Utility.

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