Exelon is North America’s leading competitive energy provider, doing business in 48 states, D.C. and Canada. Combine that with a family of companies that covers generation, transmission, and distribution, and it’s easy to see the necessity of centralizing tools and communication. They reached out to Sun-Net seeking a new comprehensive solution for Switching, Logging, and Request Management to be implemented across six of their Control Centers in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions.

Exelon’s dedication to constant improvement, efficiency and standardization is well-served by Sun-Net’s iTOA Software Suite, which addresses the challenge of cross-state collaboration by replacing and consolidating the function of several earlier management solutions. This is achieved through a balance of baseline features – such as cross-system support – and a number of third-party interfaces.

These third-party interfaces – only some of which will be discussed here – serve a variety of functions. Some, such as the OSII EMS interface, bring data into the iTOA system. Others, such as Asset Suite 8 (AS8), one-click Network Management System (NMS) request creation from an iTOA outage, and PJM outage submissions, allow users to submit information externally – whether that’s to an Exelon Control Center working off a different backend or to their RTO. Still others represent a progression in operational flexibility and security – interfaces like Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Substation check-in for safety and Learning Management System (LMS) to confirm personnel qualifications

Beyond the interfaces discussed, the Exelon installation of iTOA also features a number of process improvements and automations. The Switching module in particular is noteworthy, as it implements a custom tag grouping system to facilitate writing and executing switching orders, accounting for complexity without sacrificing safety. Operators and management alike have also praised the automatic flag grouping in Logs, which provides twin benefits of reduced human error and improved searchability.

Sun-Net’s ongoing partnership with Exelon has inspired a number of product innovations in the service of continuing to improve our clients’ user experience with the iTOA platform. We look forward to seeing what the future holds as we keep moving forward together! 

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The development of the iTOA Software Suite is driven by three core tenets of utility operations: safety, reliability, and efficiency. In the words of Sun-Net Inc CEO Mehul Khokhani, “The key to improving all of these at once is communication, coordination and work management”.  iTOA is used by utilities of all sizes in digital transformation of their work process, gain efficiencies and achieve compliance. Pairing a stunning modern UI with robust out-of-box features and plentiful customization options, iTOA provides a consolidated software platform for Outage Scheduling, Logging, Compliance, Coordination, Reporting, and Event Analysis. To learn more about how we can streamline processes for your utility company, contact Sun-Net to schedule a demonstration!

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    Posted on Sep 8, 2021