Seminole Electric Cooperative is one of the largest generation and transmission cooperatives in the United States, providing essential services to their nine distribution cooperatives and serving approximately 1.8 million people and businesses across Florida. Their members’ distribution lines on average reach 10 people per mile, representing a sprawling space that highlights the need for reliability and cohesion within their tracking. To address this need, Seminole chose to upgrade to Sun-Net’s iTOA software suite.

The Seminole installation of the iTOA suite is a cloud-hosted subscription service, securely integrated with Seminole systems and managed by the Sun-Net team. This cooperative approach allowed Seminole to go for the works with their new iTOA system – including the Request, Switching, Logging, Substation Log, and Interruption modules. The impressive baseline capabilities of the iTOA software suite provide Seminole with robust and flexible reporting options, which they’ve chosen to automate with the PI/EMS interface.

In addition to its core outage management functionality, the Seminole iTOA implementation features several analytical elements – for example, the Interruptions module is enhanced by the inclusion of the iTOA Event Analysis tool, which facilitates the study phase of the outage lifecycle. The Reports module allows users to generate reports based on user input. As a part of their move to iTOA, Seminole requested the migration of historic outage data, which can be included in reports. With the help of these tools within the iTOA suite, Seminole operators can perform analyses, stay well-informed of system events, and easily provide updates to field users.

We here at Sun-Net are always excited to see the adoption of the Always-On Cloud version of iTOA using our subscription model, and are delighted that Seminole selected iTOA for their outage management needs.

About Sun-Net 

The development of the iTOA Software Suite is driven by three core tenets of utility operations: safety, reliability, and efficiency. In the words of Sun-Net Inc CEO Mehul Khokhani, “The key to improving all of these at once is communication, coordination and work management”. iTOA is used by utilities of all sizes in digital transformation of their work process, gain efficiencies and achieve compliance. Pairing a stunning modern UI with robust out-of-box features and plentiful customization options, iTOA provides a consolidated software platform for Outage Scheduling, Logging, Compliance, Coordination, Reporting, and Event Analysis. To learn more about how we can streamline processes for your utility company, contact Sun-Net to schedule a demonstration!

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    Posted on March 30th, 2021