National Grid (NGRID) is Sun-Net’s oldest client, serving over 20 million customers throughout New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Our work with NGRID began with what would grow into TOA in the early 2000s and has continued with their upgrade to iTOA, completed in 2021. 

When the NGRID iTOA went live on September 1st, Sun-Net CEO Mehul Khokhani included an interesting piece of history in his congratulations email – an article from a 2004 NGRID newsletter, describing their thoughts after the first year of using Sun-Net’s Classic TOA software! Even back in 2003, we were already interfacing with end users, who “contributed many valuable suggestions [to] improve and enhance the Transmission Outage Application,” according to one NGRID IT Analyst. Almost 20 years and a complete software overhaul later, our product is still shaped by the needs of our clients.

This most recent installation of iTOA for NGRID maintains core Request and Switching functionality, as well as a number of unique KPI reports to track causes, switching workloads, and cancellation reasons. It also features NYISO and ISO-NE integration, automatically generated switching statements, Non-Reclose Assurance requests, and a modified on-demand outage system centered around Distribution, to mention a few customizations. Thanks to tireless work from the Sun-Net project and engineering teams, the cutover from TOA Classic to iTOA was completed in just over a year without any major issues. The transition has gone smoothly from a end-user perspective as well, with many NGRID users praising the modern web UI.

From tens of regular users to hundreds now, from pre-TOA to TOA to iTOA – Sun-Net’s partnership with NGRID keeps developing. We look forward to seeing what the future holds as we keep innovating together!  

About Sun-Net 

The development of the iTOA Software Suite is driven by three core tenets of utility operations: safety, reliability, and efficiency. In the words of Sun-Net Inc CEO Mehul Khokhani, “The key to improving all of these at once is communication, coordination and work management”.  iTOA is used by utilities of all sizes, representing a digital transformation of their work process that boosts efficiency and streamlines compliance management. Pairing a stunning modern UI with robust out-of-box features and plentiful customization options, iTOA provides a consolidated software platform for Outage Scheduling, Logging, Compliance, Coordination, Reporting, and Event Analysis. To learn more about how we can streamline processes for your utility company, reach out to schedule a demonstration

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    Posted on Sep 8, 2021