Ontario Power Generation (OPG), one of the largest, most diverse clean power producers in North America, has gone on-line with Sun-Net’s iTOA software. Over 50 operators and field users at OPG will use the iTOA request module daily to manage Generation work requests reliably and efficiently.

OPG’s ITOA deployment includes new features to address specific challenges of Power Generation operations. OPG users enjoyed the user-friendliness and the robustness of the iTOA request system. OPG especially praised iTOA’s flexibility of customizable list views and the Query Builder system to allow users create complex queries and reuse them to keep track of scheduled requests, real-time data updates and reporting.

Sun-Net’s work with OPG has also led to the creation of a new automated IESO interface, which provides an instant response when outages are submitted to IESO CROW as well as subscription to transmission outages submitted by Hydro-One to improve situational awareness, compliance, and reliability decisions. Among the new product innovations to assist Generation operators are the advanced Gantt chart with hierarchical grouping and generation capacity profile calendar.

The iTOA implementation at OPG also showcases an accomplishment of IT-OT objectives with modern system architecture. Sun-Net’s system integration team worked closely with OPG team to build robust 3rd party applications connectivity using Azure Service Bus and SAML based single sign-on in a private Microsoft Azure cloud environment.

Sun-Net is pleased to partner with OPG, and excited to keep supporting their Generation operations in the future!


About Sun-Net

The development of the iTOA Software Suite is driven by three core tenets of utility operations: safety, reliability, and efficiency. In the words of Sun-Net Inc CEO Mehul Khokhani, “The key to improving all of these at once is communication, coordination and work management”. iTOA is used by utilities of all sizes in digital transformation of their work process, gain efficiencies and achieve compliance. Pairing a stunning modern UI with robust out-of-box features and plentiful customization options, iTOA provides a consolidated software platform for Outage Scheduling, Logging, Compliance, Coordination, Reporting, and Event Analysis. To learn more about how we can streamline processes for your utility company, contact Sun-Net to schedule a demonstration! 

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    Posted on August 16th, 2021