UGI is a Philadelphia-based natural gas and electric utility serving 700,000 customers across 46 counties. Their electric utility is a longtime user of Sun-Net’s TOA software, first going live with TOA Classic in 2007. This year, they partnered with Sun-Net to successfully upgrade their TOA Classic to a state-of-the-art iTOA software suite.

The UGI iTOA installation features Interruption and Request modules for tracking outages, and Logging and Reports modules for operations. To bolster this already powerful core functionality, UGI’s iTOA features an interface that can be used to submit outages directly to PJM – improving efficiency for UGI and safety for them and the community at large. In concordance with the UGI core value of reliability, it was important that all functionality found in their TOA Classic remain available in the new iTOA software suite, including a bevy of custom logging features. They also requested to migrate all historical records – a serious undertaking with more than ten years of data behind it!

UGI’s vision is to deliver the fundamental need of “safe, reliable, and efficient energy” to their customers and communities, pursuing excellence through “best-in-class safety [and] operations.” Sun-Net is proud to be a continuing part of how UGI meets those goals. We look forward to continuing to support the UGI electric utility!

About Sun-Net  

The development of the iTOA Software Suite is driven by three core tenets of utility operations: safety, reliability, and efficiency. In the words of Sun-Net Inc CEO Mehul Khokhani, “The key to improving all of these at once is communication, coordination and work management”. iTOA is used by utilities of all sizes in digital transformation of their work process, gain efficiencies and achieve compliance. Pairing a stunning modern UI with robust out-of-box features and plentiful customization options, iTOA provides a consolidated software platform for Outage Scheduling, Logging, Compliance, Coordination, Reporting, and Event Analysis. To learn more about how we can streamline processes for your utility company, contact Sun-Net to schedule a demonstration!  

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    Posted on July 28th, 2021