San Jose, June 15, 2021 – Austin Energy (AE), a long-time customer of Sun-Net’s TOA, has completed the first phase of their upgrade to the iTOA system. Austin is one of the largest cities in the US with publicly owned electric utilities; AE was conceptualized as a community-owned utility in 1890, and begun serving the community in 1895 – more than 125 years ago!  They have been partnering with Sun-Net for more than a decade.   


The upgrade from Classic TOA to iTOA represents the next stage in that partnership: providing more robust features and opportunities for innovation without sacrificing any existing functionality. In addition to ensuring continued access to critical backends, the move from TOA to iTOA includes a complete UI overhaul that massively increases flexibility. Austin Energy (AE) and Sun-Net teams worked tirelessly to ensure the transition would go as smoothly as possible, which paid dividends in improved reliability and the migration of essential historical data.  


The Austin Energy upgrade of iTOA includes outage, logging, and interruption modules. Feedback from AE has praised how iTOA contributes to improved situational awareness, improved operational efficiency, and reduced cost of system administration. In addition, the AE team has been making good use of iTOA’s built-in reporting systems with scheduled daily high-level reports to their executive teams.  

ITOA’s connectivity continues to be a key feature for AE and a focal point of the coming second phase launch – whether connecting data to Tableau for complex visualizations, connecting to EMS to import automatic outage data, or connecting to ERCOT to submit outages, the ability to seamlessly communicate data between iTOA and external elements has proven invaluable to their daily operations.   

With the iTOA upgrade, Austin Energy will be our first customer in Texas to migrate to the new Microsoft SQL servers. This move represents a shift in favor of customer transparency and data siloing while balancing simplicity and security.  

Sun-Net is excited about our continued partnership with Austin Energy and looking forward to the fast-approaching phase 2 move to production – here’s to many more years!   

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    Posted on June 15, 2021