Tennessee Valley Authority News Release

San Jose, California May 20, 2019 – San Jose based Sun-Net Inc., specializing in developing operations software tools for the utility industry, has been awarded a contract for the iTOA® software suite from Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)


TVA’s service area covers 7 states including most of Tennessee, portions of Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, and small slices of Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia. It was the first large regional planning agency of the federal government and remains the largest. TVA provides electricity to approximately 10 million people through a diverse portfolio which includes nuclear, coal-fired, natural gas-fired, hydroelectric, and renewable generation. TVA sells its power to 154 local power utilities, 5 direct industrial and institutional customers, and 12 surrounding utilities In addition to power generation, TVA provides flood control with its 29 hydroelectric dams, which allow for recreational activities, and provides navigation and land management along rivers within its region of operation.TVA also assists governments and private companies on economic development projects.

“ We are proud to have TVA as our newest customer and proud to support their mission across three E’s: Energy, Environment and Economic Development. iTOA® suite will support TVA’s strategic initiative of optimizing outage management and coordination. The consolidation and integration of Request, Switching, Logging modules with other internal systems will enable efficiency, visibility of meeting compliance, reporting and performance requirements” said Helen Hu, CEO of Sun-Net.


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Posted on May 20, 2019