January 19, 2015

San Jose, California January 19, 2015 – San Jose based Sun-Net, specializing in developing operations software tools for the utility industry, announced that EKPC (East Kentucky Power Cooperative) has purchased Sun-Net‘s iTOA® software suite. 

East Kentucky Power Cooperative, Inc. (“East Kentucky Power”, “EKPC”) is a generation and transmission cooperative (“G&T”) headquartered in Winchester, Kentucky.EKPC and its 16 owner member cooperative provide more than 520,000 homes and businesses in 87 Kentucky counties with electric power. East Kentucky owns and operates four major power plants totaling nearly 3,000 megawatts in capacity, along with more than 2,800 miles of high voltage transmission lines. The East Kentucky Power Cooperative focuses on giving back to the community, providing energy and their services all to not-for-profit organizations. 

iTOA® suite will replace several EKPC in-house applications and consolidate them into one software solution iTOA® for management of scheduled outages, switching order management, interruption entry, operator logging, reporting and analytics. iTOA® suite will also provide EKPC direct integration to PJM Outage Scheduling System. Sun-Net‘s iTOA® will help EKPC in achieving its objective of standardizing processes and capturing all operational data in one central location’, said Helen Hu, president of Sun-Net Consulting Inc.

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Posted on 01/19/2015 by SNC