SAN JOSE, CA, August 3, 2006

Sun-Net Consulting (SNC) has successfully delivered Transmission Outage Application (TOA®) to Chugach Electric of Alaska. TOA® is in production on August 2, 2006. All the dispatchers started using TOA®’s event log to record their operation events, to enter switching orders and along with Interruption reporting and outage coordination functions.

“Not only is the application just what Chugach needed, but working with Sun-Net exceeded all of our expectations.” said David Smith, Director of Information Systems at Chugach Electric in Alaska.

Chugach Electric is a distribution company, TOA®’s success there demonstrated TOA® is suitable not only to Transmission and generation companies, it works for distribution companies as well. Chugach electric using TOA® functions included outage coordination, switching order writing, interruption reporting, dispatch logging and substation logging.

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Posted on 10/17/2011 by SNC