SAN JOSE, CA, July 17, 2006

Sun-Net Consulting (SNC) announced that it has been awarded a contract from DOE Western Area Power Administration Sierra Nevada Region (WASN) for the provision and installation of an integrated Transmission Outage Application (TOA®) software suite for their Switching, Outage Coordination and Logging needs.

“SNC’s software will provide the WASN with a proven, state-of-the art tool for managing their outage coordination process,” said Daniel Sun, Principal consultant at Sun-Net Consulting in San Jose, California.

WASN is in SMUD’s control area, some of their outage schedules need to be sent to SMUD for approval. TOA® is going to automate this submission and approval process make the outage coordination between WASN and SMUD transparent to each other. No more emails and typing for others. The information will automatically from between WASN’s TOA® to SMUD’s TOA® and the approval status will be in reverse direction be automated as well.

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Posted on 10/17/2011 by SNC