SAN JOSE, CA, October 17, 2006

Sun-Net Consulting (SNC) announced today that it has been awarded a contract from Maui Electric for the delivery and implementation of SNC’s Outage Coodination and Dispatching Suite Transmission Outage Application (TOA®).

“The TOA® product suite provides Maui Electric Co. the opportunity to modernize and consolidate multiple interdepartmental functions and applications into a single fully integrated enterprise wide solution. The system will not only provide state of the art clearance request processing, but will also provide Dispatcher Logging, Service Request processing, Trouble Tracking and customized System Reliability reporting.” Said Marc DeNarie, Maui Electric Company’s Director of System Operations.

This contract represents continued success for SNC in the supply of a uniquely positioned tool for Outage Request Processing and Dispatching to the electric power industry. TOA® provides an integrated solution for outage scheduling, switching request processing, switching order writing, interruption reporting, substation logging and dispatcher daily logging. TOA® is applicable for utilities’ transmission and distribution equipment as well as generation facilities. TOA® improves system reliability and provide huge time saving for system operators.

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Posted on 10/17/2011 by SNC