WECC Reliability Tools Working Group’s annual meeting has been held at Tri-State Generation & Transmission on August 14th to 16th, 2006. Thomas Barker, Tri-State G&T’s outage coordinator, provided TOA® presentation and a TOA® demonstration for the participants. “I would like to thank you (Tri-State outage coordinator Thomas Barker) for your presentation and demonstration of the TOA® outage coordination application which Tri-State has implemented. I found this presentation very interesting and informative. I think is provided some good information about the outage coordination tools that are commercially available, and provided some good feedback about the positive experience you have had with the vendor.” John Doudna, WECC RTWG Chairman.

TOA® went live in production at Tri-State G&T on March 1, 2005. There are 120 users using TOA® at Tri-State G&T. – from Sun-Net Consulting News Release, August 21 2006

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