Sun-Net Consulting (SNC) announced that it has successfully delivered Transmission Outage Application (TOA®) to Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) of California. TOA® is in production on March 1, 2006. All the dispatchers started using TOA®’s event log to record their operation events, to enter switching orders and along with Interruption reporting and outage coordination functions.

Sun-Net will continue to work with SMUD to implement automatic program interface with CAISO outage management system (SLIC) to make the outage submission and status checking seamless from TOA®. Outage requests will automatically submitted to CAISO from TOA® and the status from CAISO will show up on TOA® as well. Sun-Net will also provide capability to automatic program interface with WebTran OASIS. SMUD user will be able to submit outage schedules to WebTran (by OATI)within TOA®. Sun-Net’s TOA® improves reliability and provides huge time saving for the outage coordinators and dispatchers alike. It streamlines the operation process and standardized operation procedures. TOA® bring the operation to a new level.

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Posted on 10/17/2011 by SNC