Streamlining Event Management and Compliance

Sun-Net iTOA Event Analysis Module is designed to facilitate the entry, analysis, and reporting of interruption/disturbance outage events. This module is purpose-built to support utility operators and system protection engineers in complying with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Protection and Control (PRC) standards. The module will generate crucial reports such as the NERC Transmission Availability Data System (TADS) and NERC Misoperation Information Data Analysis System (MIDAS) misoperations, providing an unparalleled level of integration and automation.

Comprehensive Outage/Interruption/Disturbance Event Management

The iTOA Event Analysis module allows utility operators to enter disturbance event details with ease, promoting efficient data collection and enabling rapid response to system outages. System protection engineers can then analyze these events, offering insights into system performance, cause analysis and corrective actions. Sun-Net iTOA suite can leverage the capabilities of SCADA systems, EMS, and data historians to automate the recording of disturbance events. When candidate device operations are logged, the event details can be automatically initiated with a timestamp and relevant data.

Streamlined Compliance with NERC Standards

Compliance with NERC standards is a key concern for utility operators, relay and system protection engineers. The iTOA Event Analysis module is designed to simplify this process. It supports all relevant PRC standards, allowing users to ensure their systems and processes are aligned with the stringent requirements set forth by NERC.

Automated Report Generation

The iTOA Event Analysis module takes the hassle out of reporting. It automatically generates reports compliant with NERC TADS and MIDAS misoperations requirements. This automation saves valuable time, reduces the risk of errors, and ensures timely, consistent reporting

Benefits of iTOA Event Analysis Module

TOA provides a single platform for system operators, asset performance, field supervisors, relay and system protection engineers, and other stakeholders to view, act, analyze, and report on disturbance events. The iTOA Event Logging and Analysis module offers a number of benefits for utilities, including:
  • Increased reliability of the bulk electric system
  • Reduced risk of outages
  • Improved compliance with NERC PRC standards
  • Enhanced visibility into disturbance events
  • Improved analysis of disturbance events
  • Reduced costs associated with compliance


The Event Logging and Analysis modules in the iTOA suite underscores Sun-Net Software’s commitment to providing comprehensive, integrated solutions to the utility industry. By streamlining outage event management and NERC PRC compliance, we are empowering utility operators and system protection engineers to focus on what they do best: ensuring the reliability and efficiency of our power systems.Sun-Net Software is dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation in the service of the utility industry. We look forward to supporting you in meeting the challenges and opportunities of the future. For more information about the iTOA suite or any of our other offerings, please contact our team. We are here to support your success.